Growing mushrooms is a craft. It is craftsmanship. In order to guarantee the highest quality and the highest delivery speed, we have constantly refined our cultivation process over the past few years.

By default, we work on an environmentally friendly basis and without pesticides. The pure taste and optimal freshness on the plate, that’s what it’s all about. How do we do that?

Our mushrooms grow in special, dark spaces called cells. Each cell has a 5-week cycle from filling the beds with compost until the last harvest. 

Step 1: sowing (mycelial growth)

In the first phase, the mushroom cells are filled with full-grown compost and casing soil. In these cells we imitate the seasons with temperature and humidity.

In the first phase it is ‘summer’. It is then 25C and the humidity is high. when the top layer starts to mould, ‘autumn’ follows. The temperature goes down and we create air movement in the culture cells.

After two weeks, we see the first buttons appear. From that moment on it goes fast: the mushroom grows 5% per hour. And already after just under a week we can start harvesting.

Step 2: harvesting

All our mushrooms are carefully harvested by hand, after which the stem is cut off. A mushroom is very sensitive. This is why we place the mushrooms directly into the packages after picking. In this way, the mushrooms are only touched once, and damage is prevented.

Harvesting takes two weeks on average. Ready? Then we empty the cultivation boxes and start the process again.

100% circular

In addition to growing mushrooms, the Koolen family has an arable farm where grain is grown. The straw left over from this process is used at nearby riding schools. CNC, our partner in composting, collects the manure from the manages. Then they turn it into full-grown compost. Horse manure (compost) is the result. And horse manure actually happens to be the optimal breeding ground for growing mushrooms. So, we bring the straw to the horses and collect it from them as manure.

But there is more. For what happens when the mushrooms have been harvested? Then the compost goes back to the arable farm and is used as a soil improver on the land and the circle is complete. 100% circular. 100% natural. 100% pure.