Always a keen eye

That Koolen Champignons stands for quality is not very remarkable in itself. What makes us unique is that we look further afield. On the one hand, we are always keen on market demand, and on the other hand we are always keen on opportunities. For both of these, we have high regard for sustainability, an environment-friendly cultivation process without the use of crop protection products. 

Our people

We also have high regard for our people. For to a large extent they determine our quality and speed. They are our craftsmen and craftswomen. A team of over 100 strong of whom we are very proud. Who will do anything in their power to make sure that pure, natural and especially tasteful mushrooms end up on plates all over the world.

What makes a mushroom taste so delicious?

Pure craftsmanship. And a little bit of love.

Koolen Champignons. Mushroom grower.

Pure craftsmanship for forty years.