Thé mushroom grower

Quality is the foundation

When Leo Koolen decided in 1981 to become a mushroom grower, one thing was certain. Quality has the highest priority. The mushroom’s pure and natural taste, that’s what that first harvest was all about. And all the following harvests. 

Koolen Champignons: Dé paddenstoelenteler

Craftsmanship in its purest form

The craftsmanship has been passed on and expanded. Nowadays, the basis is still the cultivation of mushrooms in an environmentally friendly way, without pesticides. We believe in short chains. And we like to have and keep everything within our careful cultivation process under our own control.

Cultivating and tasting together

Working together, that is what it is all about. Both within our team, as well as with our suppliers and our customers. Cultivating, tasting, delivering and selling beautiful products together. That is our daily work. Ultimately with that one goal in mind. Ensuring pure, rich and healthy mushrooms on any plate.

New insights and techniques

New insights and new techniques have resulted in both our quality products being on the shelves within 1 day on average, and a whole range of new products being developed by us. With a team of over 100 employees, we work in shifts seven days a week to guarantee freshness, quality plus the highest delivery reliability, as well as placing special products on the market.

Durable and tasteful

The pure taste of fresh and healthy mushrooms cannot be matched. The superb taste of our products is partly achieved with a careful cultivation process. Our mushrooms are refined taste appetizers, and they fit into almost any dish.

However, our mushrooms also serve as basic ingredients for new products. In combination with other vegetables and vegetable proteins, new products are made from the different types of mushrooms. Organic or classic, frozen or fresh, raw or pre-cooked, vegan or vegetarian. After all, there is no arguing about taste. Please visit for more information.


Proud genes

Koolen Mushrooms is the only mushroom nursery in the province of North-Holland, and it is the most modern in Europe. Teun and Koen are at the helm of our family business. Indeed, they are the sons of our founder Leo. But daughters/sisters Emma and Lotte also have a role within the company. Because those mushrooms, they are in our genes…