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What do the (end) customers want? Do they only want white mushrooms, do they want chanterelles or portobellos? Over the years, Koolen has listened to the market very well. Listened and learned. And with this large amount of knowledge and experience in their pocket, Koolen Champignons works on a wide range of products on a daily basis. Our product range does not only consist of 15 different species of mushrooms, but also of a variety of packaging materials and possibilities… 

Quality is the standard

In order to guarantee our quality, freshness and fast delivery time, our working method is precise, and we are always on the alert. We keep a close eye both on our cultivation process, and on the market. What movements are there in the market and how can we make our process even more sustainable? These are questions that we deal with on a daily basis.

We are always looking for cooperation with our customers and suppliers. Short lines in short chains, that is our motto. Knowing and simply seeing with our own eyes where our products end up, that is our standard. Only then can we guarantee quality, freshness and a fast delivery time.

White mushroom

Chestnut mushroom


Oyster mushroom

Pink oyster mushroom

Small oyster mushroom

Yellow oyster mushroom


Anise mushroom

White beech mushroom

Grey beech mushroom


Pied du mouton

King trumpet


For the retail sector

Our retail range has grown tremendously over the years. We listen to the consumer and follow the movements in the market closely. In the past forty years we have, very often together with our customers, developed a unique range of products. For example, packed cultivated and wild mushrooms, various mixed packaging’s and ready-to-cook and convenience products. However, there is always room to expand. Like to know more? Contact us

For the wholesale sector

The market is always on the move and we like to move along with it. Freshly sliced and cleaned mushrooms? This is one of our specialties. Our products are unprocessed to get that optimal product experience and pre-cut for maximum efficiency. We offer our mushrooms in bulk packs for the professional user. It is custom-made products that we deliver. Whatever the preference or wish, we produce it. With pleasure. Want to know more? Contact us!

Our own vegan products

New perceptions, new techniques, and new demands from the market have resulted in new products being developed. Nowadays we do more with our mushrooms. Together with various other vegetables and proteins, our mushrooms form the basis of our vegetarian product range. Organic or classic, frozen or fresh, raw or pre-cooked, vegan or vegetarian. After all, there is no arguing about taste. Please visit www.vankoolen.com for more information. 

What makes a mushroom taste so delicious?

Pure craftsmanship. And a little bit of love.

Koolen Champignons. Mushroom grower.

Pure craftsmanship for forty years.